Key Design Elements for Effective SEO

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SEO Design LogoAccording to Blogpulse, there are more than 165 million blogs on the web. Among these, only a few seem to be getting the popularity these deserve. Here are some of the most important design elements emphasized by successful SEO blogs.

Search box

A clearly visible search box is a must for every site. This not only improves user experience, but also provides information on user behavior and keyword discovery. Almost all popular blogging platforms are pre-equipped with a search box.

RSS feeds

RSS feed adoption has been increasing over the years. The statistics offered by give evidence of this. RSS feeds are one of the best ways to increase repeat visits. Loyal followers are likely to be your best brand ambassadors, link builders and converters. RSS feeds also play an important role in achieving top search engine optimization.


The right method to structure a site’s information architecture is a matter of debate, but a good way to solve the problem is to keep things simple. It is advisable to replace any navigation that calls for complex programming with simple CSS. Try to limit the number of clicks required to reach any content on your website to two.

The overall design

When users land on your site for the first time, the overall design is the first thing they notice. If your design is not impressive enough to hold their attention, they are likely to move on to other sites. Website design is one of the determining factors for your conversions, bounce rates and page views. As far as overall design is concerned, your aim should be to make your website stand apart from the rest and encourage visitors to stay longer.

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