iPad Magazine Ads – A New Avenue for Internet Marketing

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Marketers now have an opportunity to advertise like never before with iPad magazines ads. A survey conducted in this regard came up with very positive results for both publishers and advertisers.

The survey results show that most of the magazine readers (9 out of 10) having iPads were likely to subscribe to their favorite magazines on their iPads. Twenty-six percent iPad owners were extremely likely to subscribe, 39% very likely, 26% somewhat likely and only 9% fell in the not likely category. This is good news for internet marketing, as it shows that a new avenue has been opened in the form of iPad magazine ads.

The survey showed that iPad owners were most interested in seeing ads with features like videos, photos, 360-degree product view, demo, animation, audio etc. Tablets have many capabilities that are absent in print magazine as well as traditional online magazines. This gives iPad advertisers a chance of promoting their products in a much more effective and unique manner.

Video ads came up as most effective in the survey as the maximum time (17.8 seconds) was spent by respondents on video ads. This was followed by photo ads. Results also show that novel and fascinating ads that make use of the iPad’s unique capabilities can greatly influence iPad owners to make a purchase.

The survey shows that iPad magazine ads can be much more effective than print or traditional online magazine ads. As the number of iPad users increases, iPad magazine ads can prove to be a very effective way for marketers to advertise their products to this segment of customers.

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