Internet = Microscope on YOU

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Lately I have been reading about social media being used in extreme ways. Scammers are using these channels in corrupt ways, spammers are infesting every corner, intelligent agencies can’t find agents without Internet trails, court law papers are served over Facebook and now companies are using social media channels for analyzing future employees. Interestingly enough some people have not got jobs because of it. Slowly but surely it seems that the freedom the Internet provided us, is coming back and biting us.

The Internet gave us the means to express ourselves, a connection to resources and the ability to communicate and network with people. Naturally with any good, comes the bad.

Companies use social media in the hopes of enhancing their public appearance and to positively promote themselves. They hope this will bring positive attention towards their brand/product and “buzz” around them. Unfortunately, we have all seen companies that aren’t ethical or transparent and have been slammed down by social media because of it.

But now businesses are using social media channels to analyze future employees. Viewing people’s profiles on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn is not unheard of. They look for personality, what you are writing about, whether you swear a lot or not and in general how you come across in your ‘natural’ state.

So don’t use the Internet if you are not willing to be examined under a microscope! It’s sad to think that we no longer have that freedom. Everyone needs to understand that by using the internet, you are exposing yourself beyond your understanding. For companies, customers will look over every fine detail of your business. One wrong doing and you are done for. For people, your personal information, photos and anything of the sort is exposed as well, ready and available for anyone to get a hold of.

Keep this exposure in mind while using the Internet. Act as if the world is starring!

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