Increasing Popularity of Daily Deal Websites

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Increase Conversion RateDaily deal sites have been a big hit. Even large online companies like Facebook and Google have made a beeline to enter the space. According to the results of a recent survey by Ipsos OTX MediaCT and Yahoo!Mail, daily deal sites are still going quite strong.

The survey indicates that 56% internet users signup for at least 2 daily deal emails. On an average, adult internet users in the US signup for 3 weekly or daily shopping newsletters or emails. Also, most of these emails are regularly read by the subscribers. 22% subscribers accessed daily deal or shopping emails/newsletters several times a day, 38% – once a day, 23% – few times a week, 7% – once a week, 5% – few times a month, 1% – once a month, 2% – less than once a month, 2% – never.

Thus internet users are not only subscribing to these sites, but also accessing their emails frequently. Additionally, many daily deal subscribers are also spread the message among family members and friends. 12% subscribers pass along such messages several times a day, 10% – once per day, 17% – few times a week, 6% – once a week, 13% – few times a month, 5% – once a month, 14% – less than once a month and 22% – never.

Around 50% subscribers were very excited about these emails and eagerly waited for the latest deals. Out of ten, 6 survey participants replied that they had signed up for more such emails this year than the last. 27% even has a separate email account dedicated to such offers. These figures indicate that the popularity of these sites is not coming down any time soon, and most internet marketing companies agree that this is an exciting channel for businesses looking to promote their products or services.

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