Improve Your Marketing Effectiveness with Google Tools

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Google is unarguably the leader among search engines. It also offers a number of tools, which marketers can use to improve their marketing efficiency. Here are a few of these handy Google tools.

Google Gadgets

Google gadget includes a number of fun and useful applications to support your marketing efforts. Based on your business, you can make use of suitable gadgets. For instance, Google Translate box can come in handy if you target international audiences, in case you are hosting an event, you can make use of the Countdown gadget and anyone can use the Calendar.

Google Keyword tool

All SEO specialists agree that keyword research is one of the most important steps in SEO. Google’s search based keyword tool makes use of actual search queries to offer keyword suggestions. All you need to do is submit your website and the tool will present a list of phrases from your site. You can also find information on the completion, price and number of monthly searches for these keywords for particular bids.

Google Alerts

This is an effective tool for monitoring specific keywords. You can sign-up to receive emails alerts every time your or a competitor’s name is mentioned on the web. It helps in brand as well as competitor monitoring.

Google Maps

Want to get listed on the first page of Google? Create a Google Places or Google Maps listing. For maximum impact, make use of relevant videos, images and targeted keywords in your listing.

Google Tags

To make your business stand out from others, consider using Google Tags. This enables you to highlight your business with a Tag next to it, differentiating it from other businesses listed in Google Places.

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