Four Ideas to Test Ad Text Display URL

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Continuous testing is essential for successful paid search and one of the ad text elements you can play with is the display URL. You never know which small change may result in significant improvement in CTRs and ultimately your sales. Here are four ideas for testing the text ad display URL.

Concentrate on the search query

Rather than concentrating on different tactics, focusing on the search query and the searcher’s intent is more useful in tweaking your ads for better results. This is a great way of getting some creative and out of the box keywords ideas.

Keyword as a subdomain

One more thing you can try is using your keywords as subdomain for the display URL. With actual domain used in your destination URL, you are free to use any subdomain.

Keyword free display URL

You can also experiment with a keyword free display URL. A clean keyword free URL is most likely to work if your organization has a strong brand.

Dynamic keyword insertion in display URL

One more idea to test ad text display URL is dynamic keyword insertion (DKI). However, it is important to take caution when opting to have your keywords appear in your ads. Paid search is one of the most important aspects of your marketing strategy and continuous testing is necessary for improvement of CTRs, quality scores, traffic volume and sales.

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