A Look at Google’s Updated Ad Extensions

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Recently, Google updated its Ad extensions in AdWords results. A look at these updated extensions can help you advertise in a more effective manner. These extensions expand your PPC text ad to give extra information that is generally available to users only after visiting your page.

Product extensions: An ad having visual display of the product is much more effective compared to a text ad. Product extension enables advertisers to display images of the advertised product. This extension is especially useful for ecommerce advertisers as people like to have a look at the product before making a purchase. You need a Google Merchant Center account for this purpose.

Location extensions: Location extension enables you to provide users your location details like state, city, address etc. In case you have more than one location, location extension will expand to show all the locations. To use this extension you can either add the location to your AdWords ads or just link the extension to you Google Places account. It is recommended that you use either your logo or some icon to display your location on Google Maps.

Phone extensions: The phone extension enables customers accessing the internet on phone to give you a call with a single click as your contact number is displayed with the ad.

Sitelink extensions: With the sitelinks extension, you can display  additional relevant pages that users can browse.

Implementing these extensions is very simple and if used intelligently, they will ensure much more effective internet marketing campaigns.

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