Google+ Tweaks its Search Function

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Today, SEO services are applicable not only to search engines, but also to social networks. As an online business, you need to stay on top of all the developments that take place in the social media world.

One such recent development was Google updating the search function to its social networking site just a few months ago. The function allows users to search through the content available on Google+.

Earlier, the search result pages on Google+ featured four tabs – Everything, Google+ Posts, People and Sparks. After the latest tweaks, the pages feature two different tabs, each featuring a number of options. The original options appear under the first tab. If you choose

‘Everything’, your search results will include content from Google+ posts, People results as well as Sparks results. You can narrow down the results by choosing one of the three content sources. For instance, the ‘People’ option allows you to search for content from particular people. Similarly, you can specifically search for content from Google+ posts.

The second tab allows you to choose content sources for the search. The options under this tab include – from you, from your circles, from everyone. Other than the search itself, the search box has also been tweaked. As soon as you type a term in the box, a pop up window featuring possible Pages and People matches appears.

Another major change in search result pages is the presence of trending topics on the far right. This feature appears on a majority of social networking sites. It can help in increasing the engagement levels at the site. It allows users to check out what other people have to say about the hop topics.

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