Google Toying With New PPC Ideas

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In a meditation weekend I attended in October, we discussed mindfulness or being aware of what is going on right now, at this very moment.

Most of the time we are running on autopilot, making sure our work is getting done and
that attention to detail is being paid. Sometimes we are so focused on the topic at hand, we may overlook the bigger picture and that is why its great to have partners to share their awareness of what is happening in such a fragmented marketing world. Staying on top of the latest trends in so many fields is next to impossible to go it alone and do it correctly.

This week,we saw a couple of new items in the PPC arena.Well one is definitely new and the other may be what is on the way. The image above comes directly from Google and demonstrates Google’s intent to deliver ads at the bottom of search results, further squeezing out organic listings. Here is Google’s take on this new strategy.

Here is another interesting image that includes “link text” in the content of an Adwords ad. It might have been an error or it might be a trial that Google is playing with to see how it affects the click through rate (CTR) in Adwords ads. I would bet that it would increase the CTR substantially.

Well, we could complain about how SEO continues to get squeezed or we can continue to be aware of the big picture and look for new opportunities to help clients moving forward.

Feel free to share with us your latest discovery in the Googlesphere or social media world.




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