Google Launches Their Answer to Facebook

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Google recently launched Google+ project which is a social network that replicates social life situations. As it stands right now, the Google+ project is in a field trial period which means that you have to be invited to join. Google provides a clear and simple tour that you can view to get a better understanding of how it works.

As an Internet marketing firm, at quick glance, you can easily see that it has a much more visually appealing design and Interface than Facebook, while using drag and drop functionality, and improved interactivity.  There are five key features: Circles, Hangouts, Instant Upload, Sparks, and Huddles.

Circles allow you to easily group people into separate groups such as friends, family, and professional contacts. This function is more user friendly than Facebook’s, and does a better job of replicating real life experience.

Hangouts are basically a meeting place where you can allow different people/circles to know where you’re hanging out to see who shows up.

Instant Upload enables you to instantly upload your phone photos and video into a private album.  You can then determine who you want to share them with.

Sparks allows you to utilize Google’s search functionality and search and share content with friends.

Huddle is a simple way to have a text-based discussion such as planning the selection and meeting time for a movie.  

The bottom line is that Google+ project is more versatile than Facebook, enabling you to use it according to different situations, just like you do offline. The down-side is that Google+ project has not developed the breadth and depth of plug-ins that Facebook has. But, I don’t think that it will take long for Google to start integrating additional technologies.

There are many questions that will be answered by the consumers in the next few months including how many will migrate from Facebook? How quickly will they migrate? Will they continue to use both Facebook and Google+ project? And how will Facebook react?


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