Google Chrome Results – One More Reason to Be at the Top

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There is an addition to the list of reasons why every marketer needs to make efforts to make it to the top of Google Chrome results. Google’s Instant Pages feature is now available in the most recent version of Chrome.

The feature provides users instant access to web pages. This means that users need not wait for a webpage to load to get desired answers. In cases where Google algorithm is almost certain that the user will click on the top search results, the download will start automatically even before the user clicks on them.

When the user actually clicks, the page will appear instantly. In a recent announcement, Google highlighted the increased speed offered by Instant Pages. The feature, which was first introduced in June this year, makes use of prerendering technology.

The recently released version of Chrome enables this technology by default. Apart from offering users instant access to desired information, the service may also encourage users to click on the first few results to get quick answers. This increases the importance of top search engine optimization to ensure that your site appears in the first few results.

Google Chrome is fast gaining popularity among users. According to the browser data from StatCounter, within the last year Google Chrome has managed to surpass Safari. It now accounts for an impressive 20% browser usage in the US. Increasing usage coupled with Instant Pages feature that indirectly promotes the top results makes it more important than ever to make it in the top results at Google Chrome.

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