Google Analytics – Explanation for 3 Common Problems

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Google Analytics is one of the most widely used website analysis tools. It offers a wide variety of traffic data to help you improve your ecommerce website for more effective web traffic marketing. Despite having many benefits, Google Analytics users face certain common problems. Here are explanations for 3 such problems.

Missing transactions

Missing transactions are not uncommon in Google Analytics reports. The most common reason for a few missing transactions is users moving away from receipt page before data transmission.

If the difference between the number of transactions reported by your accounting software and Google Analytics is more than 10%, the problem may be deeper than visitors moving away too quickly. In this case, you need make sure that there are no mistakes in implementation. You may consider placing ecommerce tracking code at the top of receipt page to ensure that data is transmitted to Google Analytics as soon as page loads in user’s browser.

Your website is displayed as the source for all the transactions

If you use a third-party shopping cart, you may have come across this problem. The problem usually lies in cross-domain tracking, rather than ecommerce tracking code implementation.

Examination of ‘all traffic sources’ report will help you find the cause of problem. You can find the revenue driving traffic sources using the ecommerce tab. There is most probably a problem with cross-domain tracking, if the report contains your website’s hostname.

Garbled data reports

Problems in your hidden form data may result in grabbled product category or product overview reports. Ensure that there are no commas or dollar signs in the monetary data and only alphanumeric characters are present in the product and transaction lines.

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