Three Free Tools to Track Your Website Performance

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Monitoring your website performance is essential to get an idea about where exactly you stand and form an effective strategy to reach the desired position. There are a number of free tools that can help you track different aspects of your website like SEO, site speed, traffic, social sentiments and more. Here are three free tools you may find useful in tracking your website performance.

WebPageTest tool

Page load speed is an important aspect of your website. It is not only critical for search rankings, but also for conversion and customer satisfaction. WebPageTest is a free tool that enables you to test this aspect of your website. If provides a waterfall graph of your page load speed. The tool also offers page load speed information by browser version and location.

Monitoring social mention can offer a lot of useful information. It provides an insight into customer sentiments about your brand. It informs you about the plus points and drawbacks of your brand according to the customers. You can make use of these plus points in your web traffic marketing message and work towards overcoming the drawbacks. enables you to search videos, news, Q&A, blogs and microblogs for your brand mention.

Open Site Explorer

Link building is a basic part of SEO. SEOmoz’s Open Site Explorer is one of the best tools for backlink checking. If offers backlinks arranged by their MozRank or authority.

This tool does not depend of the data pulled through search engine API, but on SEOmoz indexed website and their own crawlers to provide an idea about the site’s authority.

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