Facebook Slowly but Steadily Catching-Up with Google in Online Advertising

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There is no doubt about the supremacy of Google when it comes to internet advertising. The company’s dominance in the field of search makes it the undisputed king in the world of online advertising. However, Facebook is slowly but certainly establishing itself as an advertising powerhouse. The social media marketing giant still has a long way to go to be able to pose a serious threat to Google, but the firm has been successful in grabbing the attention of internet marketers.


A recent report from Enders Analysis, a research service provider, indicates that Facebook is catching up in the battle for eyeballs. According to the research firm’s estimates, in 2012 Facebook’s display ad revenues will rise to $5.3 billion, while Google’s will hit $2.5 billion. In spite of the social networking giant’s lead in display ads sector, Google will remain the biggest advertising player on the internet with expected revenues of $35 billion.


Both Google and Facebook have their own advantages. The search giant has a wider reach than Facebook, but when it comes to usage and engagement rates, the latter seems to be winning. The report suggests that a large number of publishers will depend on either or both of the internet marketing platforms for revenue and audience growth.


Google recognizes the rising importance of social space in the world of adverting. This is the reason why the search giant has made several attempts to develop a social network of its own. The company’s latest and most successful attempt is Google+, but so far it is not developed enough to pose a serious threat to Facebook.

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