Are Facebook Pages Unavoidable?

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Social media in general and Facebook in particular has become an integral part of the digital marketing mix in a very short span of time. Today it’s among one of the most widely used online marketing platforms. The increasing amount of time spent by target audiences on Facebook has further increased its importance.

Today many brands are making efforts to drive potential customers to their Facebook pages instead of their business websites. This strategy can be successful as Facebook pages are more engaging and interactive compared to websites. The fresh content regularly delivered by Facebook pages may be able to more useful in retaining existing customers and attracting new ones than that on the websites. A combination of Facebook page and website is the most effective way to meet the needs of all types of customers or different needs of a customer.

All this brings us to the question ‘have Facebook pages become unavoidable for a business’? The answer may be yes, as not having a Facebook page means losing many opportunities and being left behind your competitors. For instance, if your aim is to be the top SEO company, you cannot avoid having a Facebook page.

Facebook page offer unique functionalities and features that are not offered by any other platform. It enables you to develop an engaged relationship with your customers. But creating and managing a Facebook page successfully requires resources like time, money and people. As long as you are ready to make the required investment, it is best to have a Facebook page for your business.

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