Facebook Apps for E-commerce

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There are many free applications to enhance your profile on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Here are some free e-commerce applications for Facebook that can help in making your Facebook fan page more attractive to potential customers.

One of the best free applications to enhance your Facebook page is ‘Page lever’. This application helps you create a customized landing page effortlessly, even if you have no knowledge of coding languages like FBML, HTML, and CSS. All you need is a branded image that is used in creating a Facebook page that is unique to your brand or company. However, the graphic quality of the image you upload plays a major part in the quality of your page.

The next app is an email marketing tool called MailChimp. Adding the MailChimp Facebook app to your profile makes it easier to send newsletters to your customers via your MailChimp email account. It also helps you in managing your subscribers’ list and keeping track of your email marketing campaign.

Another email marketing application is Constant Contact, which creates and manages a subscribers list for you. Placing this app in your Facebook page makes it easier for interested customers to join your constant contact mailing list.

Payvment is another impressive e-commerce app, which is a Facebook shopping cart application. Adding it to your profile can increase your sales, as fans interested in buying your product can safely do so, by making payments through PayPal. Another such application is ‘VendorShop’, which allows you to manage more than one store through your dashboard, thereby saving your time.

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