Expected Mobile Search Trends for 2011

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With the rapidly increasing popularity of smart phones, mobile search is growing by leaps and bounds. Reports on U.S smart phone penetration for last couple of years and projections for current year show that the use of smart phones has gone up from 10% in the second quarter of 2008 to 21% by the end of 2009 and the figure is likely to go up to 49% by the third quarter of 2011.

Mobile search is similar to traditional search in most aspects although local searches are supposed to be more common on mobiles. The top 10 searches for the last year, both for mobiles as well as computers are surprisingly similar. The type of queries, clicks, CTR and even conversions rates for both mobile and computer searches are more or less similar.

In 2011, the increase in mobile searches will be higher compared to laptop or desktop searches but the SERPs are similar for both types of searches. For now, there seems to be little meaning in creating a separate mobile website unless your current website gets completely broken on mobile.

In spite of the similarities between mobile and traditional searches, creating a separate ad strategy for mobile searches is necessary. Tailoring your site for the local market will prove to be beneficial both in mobile as well computer searches. Work with your SEO company to find out how you can make changes to your website and your internet marketing strategy to perform better as far as the mobile search market is concerned.

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