Enhanced Search Results with Google’s Location Based +1s

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+1, Google’s answer to the ‘Like’ button on Facebook is exploring new territory with location based +1’d results being shown up now. Until recently a Google search yielded only raw +1 counts. You could see how many of your friends and contacts had +1’d a result but the data was not area specific. Now Google had refined these search results to show how many people in and around, say New York, have clicked the colorful button to mark their special recommendation for the result.

The +1 Chain Reaction

Another improvement from March, when +1 debuted, is that even users who are logged out can get a total of the +1 counts for some search results now. Since user recommendations are a great help in identifying great search results, this flexibility will let encourage more users to start depending on +1 results. The fact that a location specific component has been added to the recommendations makes them even more relevant to searchers. These searchers, who have found relevant results in a more efficient way, thanks to +1, are more likely than ever to click the button themselves to help others find quality web pages quickly.

Location Specific +1s for Adwords

Since +1 is being used in conjunction with Adwords, the addition of location based results is great news for advertisers. Any user clicking on the +1 next to an ad will be making his recommendation for it without it counting as a click to the advertiser. In effect, the advertiser gets a free recommendation that only improves their visibility to a future searcher. Because the +1 results are location specific, the advertisement is even more likely to reach exactly the right target audience. If you are an advertiser, looking to make the most of this major change from Google, make sure you hire a reliable internet marketing firm to help you in your efforts.

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