Email Marketing Still Going Strong

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In spite of being over shadowed by social media, email still remains one of the most effective tools for company internet marketing. Those who have been writing off email and predicting its demise are off-target. Email still retains the status of being the central communication medium for almost all web users. It is a key activity for people of all ages and interests.

A recent survey by ExactTarget indicates that almost all internet users make use of emails for personal as well as marketing messages. According to this survey, 95% online consumers in the US use emails, 93% receive at least 1 permission based email per day, 83% check emails at least once a day and 64% check it several times a day. These figures effectively establish that regardless of the popularity of social media, emails are still going strong.

The survey also indicated that 70% online consumers always opened emails from their favorite companies, 77% said that they are now more cautious about giving their email address to companies, 91% users have subscribed to a company’s email and later decided they didn’t want to receive it and 18% never open marketing emails.

For an effective email marketing campaign, marketers need to consider various factors. They need to find an optimum balance between in-house emailing and outsourcing. The time at which the email is delivered also plays a key role in determining whether your email is read or not. Today online customers make use of various devices to access internet. So it is important that you optimize your landing pages and emails for mobiles and other devices. Testing is the only way to boost your open rates and click rates. All these factors increase the chances of your email reaching customer inboxes, getting read and acted on.

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