Effective Techniques of Display Optimization

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To get the e maximum benefit from your web displays, you have to regularly monitor their performance. For a long time now A/B testing has been used for optimizing displays.

In A/B testing, you test two potential versions of the displays to evaluate their effect on your KPIs like profit, ROI, CPA, revenue etc. If you notice a positive change in the KPIs then you attribute it to the effect of the display. If you notice a negative shift or status quo in the KPIs after running the display then you conclude that the display is not working well. This way you can make the choice of better displays and optimize the website or campaign for maximizing your KPIs for it.

A/B testing can also help you understand a few other things. You can assess which website, network or demographics gives maximum results by making comparisons between the ‘A’ and ‘B’ options.

The display optimization techniques are now evolving beyond the traditional A/B testing. New tracking techniques are making the task of display optimization a lot easier. These tracking mechanisms can track view-throughs rather than just clicks. You can obtain rich performance information using this technology such as behavioral attributes, psychographic attributes, geographical attributes and specific websites.

Along with this tracking technology, companies are now also using attribution management technologies. The combination of these two offers great help optimizing display internet marketing campaigns. The marketers can now view displays in terms of profit and loss. With help of these technologies, marketers can pin point which network is most profitable. They can also monitor if media partners are adhering to the guidelines of the campaign.

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