E-Commerce Websites – The Top 5 Essential Features

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E-commerce websites are designed with the purpose of generating maximum sales. Here are some of the must-have features for every e-commerce website.

Search Box

A Search box is important especially in an ecommerce website as these sites usually have many products and a search box enables visitors to look up the desired products easily and quickly. The search box should be positioned at such a place where it is clearly visible to the visitors.

Related Products

This is a great feature for boosting your sales. By displaying the related products under the heading of ‘Customers who bought this product also bought’, you can persuade customers to buy more than one product. Amazon.com is the best example for effective use of this feature.

Product Zoom

Inability to touch and feel the products before making a purchase is one of the down sides of online shopping. Including a great product zoom feature on your site will enable customers to have a good look at the products, which may help overcome inability to touch the products to some extent.

Featured Products

Featured products is useful for informing visitors about the most popular products as well as various offers available. You can use this feature to ensure that the products you want to push in the market get noticed.


Categories feature is essential for listing all the products at one place. This feature should be situated at a place where it is clearly visible and easily accessible to the visitors. You need to consider a number of things while setting up an e-commerce site and taking the help of professional website design service providers is recommended.

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