Develop an Effective Online Video Campaign

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Online videos are fast gaining popularity as one of the most effective internet marketing tools. Businesses of all sizes and from all industries can benefit from online videos. If a company’s product or service can be well translated into a visual message, an online video campaign can give good results. Online videos can be used for various purposes like increasing website traffic, introducing new products or services and providing product demonstrations.


Creation of an effective online video takes significant amount of time and effort. For best results you may need to take help of professionals. If can create good quality videos on your own using editing software packages like Adobe Premier or Media100. You will need to borrow a good camera or purchase one to shoot video footage. Remember to include suitably upbeat background music, call to action and feedback mechanism in your online video.


The best videos are short and to the point. Most videos range between 30 seconds to 3 minutes, but depending on the subject, you may increase the length of your video. Longer videos can be broken down into short segments and posted as a series.


Once you are ready with the video, you have a number of options to get it out there. Sites like Vidler or YouTube are the easiest way, but there are chances of your video getting lost in the huge number of videos on these sites. If your website has multimedia capabilities, you can post the video on your website. Multimedia news release is another effective way of reaching target viewers with your online video.

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