What do Customers Expect from Social Businesses?

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Social MediaToday, company internet marketing is incomplete without social media. A lot has been said about the benefits of being socially active, different social media strategies and metrics to measure returns of your efforts. But to really succeed in the social world, the basic requirement is same as that in any business, you need to offer customers what they want. For this, you should be aware of your customer expectations. Here are the top four things that customers expect from social businesses.

To be heard

The biggest attraction of social networks is that they enable people to voice their opinions and be heard. Customers expect social businesses to hear what they have to say. The first step towards social success is to listen to your customers and let them know that you hear them.


More than anything else, social networking is a fun recreational activity for users. Unless you keep your customers entertained, they are likely to get bored and stop visiting your page. Polls, contests and such other activities are effective ways of bringing in the fun factor into your social page.


People trust recommendations given on social sites because they are likely to be honest. Similarly, people expect honesty from social businesses as well. Social media is a great platform to sincerely accept your mistake in case you goof up. Your transparency and honesty is likely to be appreciated.


Offering an opportunity to win something without any investment is an effective way of increasing your number of followers and likes. Customers expect you to offer such freebies once in a while. This may explain the popularity of contests that offer a prize.

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