Is the Computer a Dying Breed?

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Some argue that desktop and laptop computers will soon be obsolete as all Web surfing will be done on handheld devices such as the iPhone and Blackberry. I disagree.

Size Matters.

With mobile devices, such as the cell phone, the screen interface is too small to capture large amounts of information that people send to one another, thus making it more difficult to view. This also limits the amount of information to be processed and displayed on the screen, as desktops can hold larger amounts of information on their hardware. With computers and laptops, there is more space to view information, have multiple windows open at a time and thus be able to interact and engage with others on a higher and more effective level than with mobile devices. The desktop is easier to use and handle, as it allows several other devices to be added to it. Some examples include CDs and discs that can be inserted, iPods can connect to the computers, Skype can be used to call others, and more.

Talk it out.

Most people prefer to use their cell phone for a single-purpose only: talking and communicating via text message or voice. A mere 10% of shoppers are interested in purchasing music online, and only 1 in 6 are intent on buying anything online with their mobile devices (Nowell, 2008). Moreover, two-thirds of users ages 18 to 29 use their cell phones for SMS. On laptops and computers, however, e-mail can be sent more easily and can hold larger amounts of information to be sent. This especially works to the advantage of business people sending each other large detailed files, internet marketing companies who send email advertisements, and friends sending each other photos from an event.  Although users in Japan are more accustomed to having small mobile devices, the United States lags the most behind in using cell phones to browse, download or purchase products and services online. Seventy per cent of people are just not interested in using this technology (Nowell).

It’s a Waste.

Mobile devices, especially cell phones, have proven to be a waste of material and money. Every year, 885,000 cell phones, worth a total of $730 million dollars a year, are thrown down the toilet (Nowell). Although cell phones offer portability and easy access, they are small devices that can be easily lost, forgotten, damaged or thrown away. Furthermore, at the initial purchase, cell phones are also cheaper and smaller than laptops and desktops, but have a limited usability, since people are always switching phone plans and. Thus these modes of communication devices can be inconsistent with information seeking. On the contrary, laptops and computers are larger and are more of a financial investment for users, thus more time is invested in it to keep them working. Thus surfing on the web on computers is more consistent than using mobile devices that are being thrown away. And even if a computer wasn’t working… and you can’t really throw a computer or laptop down the toilet, now can you?

What are your thoughts? Will the computer become obsolete in a few years?

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