Combine Email Marketing and Paid Search to Increase Online Sales

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paid searchYou can use the organic SEO techniques, email marketing or paid search channels like PPC advertisements, banner ads etc to attract prospective customers to your website. But these techniques, when used alone, may not always be able to convert visitors to customers. Which is why, it helps to combine two or more such tools to improve your internet marketing campaign. Here are a few steps to combine your email marketing and paid search tools to boost your online marketing efforts.


To begin with, you need to collect the email addresses of visitors who land on your website through a paid ad. When prospect lands on your website through a paid ad, you can ask them to join your mailing list if they are interested. To motivate first-time visitors to share their contact details, you can offer exciting gifts such as e-books, online vouchers, invitation to a free webinar etc.


Also, you can create a special landing page for your PPC advertisement, so that potential customers can find what they want easily and know more about it without any distractions. But to get the visitors’ email id, you should have a “Join our mailing list” option on that landing page.


Once you have their email addresses, you can continue interacting with them sending occasional mails about special promotional and discount offers on your products. Also, you can encourage them to subscribe to you newsletter for regular updates. By combining the paid search and email marketing options, keeping the prospects interested in your products and encouraging them to build a relationship with your company becomes easier.

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