Choose Your Web Hosting Provider Carefully to Prevent Google Penalty

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google penaltyJust as a bad neighborhood can have an adverse impact on the value of your home, your website can be penalized for sharing an IP address with websites that are involved in spam or black hat practices. Regardless of the quality of your website, you may be at the receiving end of Google penalty your IP is attached to a bad virtual neighborhood.

In case of severe contravention of Google’s rules, the search engine may block a particular IP address from its result pages. If you share the same IP address, your website may also be blocked.That’s why SEO companies will advise businesses to get a dedicated IP.

If you notice a sudden drop in your search rankings, it can be due to a penalty. Being aware of the search engine’s quality guidelines can help you confirm whether or not your website has suffered a penalty because of a bad host neighborhood.

To get your website reinstated, you need to convince the search engine that your site is a good quality website that follows all the guidelines. Before trying to get your site reinstated, you should change your web hosting provider. A dedicated IP address is one of many tactics SEO companies use for top search engine optimization.

You can check to see if you are on a dedicated ip by going to, type in your URL, click on server stats ad the reverse ip. Don’t sweat it if you see 17,500 on the same IP. Its customary for web hosting companies to lump thousands of websites on the same IP. Just call your web host and tell them you want a “dedicated IP”. The additional cost is minimal and its worth the investment.




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