Choose the Right Advertising That Works Best for Your Industry

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Last week, a long time client called to tell me that he couldn’t pull the trigger on a 30K yellow page ad. Although his yellow page ad has worked for him in the past, these are different and difficult times. He didn’t want to tie up 30K for twelve months in one advertising medium. That’s the beauty of PPC or SEO. You can shut down your programs when necessary and speed up as you see some strength in the market.

In the florist industry, 50% or more of the business comes during four holiday periods,Valentine’s day, Mother’s day, Thanksgiving and Christmas. With PPC or SEO, you can put more emphasis on your keyword terms during peak periods while maintaining your regular campaign throughout the year. Still, you can shut it down when and if you need to. 

In the end, the client passed on the yellow page ad and saved the 30K.  It just made sense. 2009 will prove to be a very treacherous year for advertisers. You want to be able to adapt quickly to consumer buying behaviors. You will need to be able to turn on a dime or you will wind up wasting your money.

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