Canadian Mobile Search, Online Marketing Capabilities Boosted

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Recent Canadian newspaper coverage highlights the growing impact that mobile search will have on online marketing as stories about the release of Apple’s new 3G iPhone and Roger’s Communication’s Inc.’s proposed new cellphone plans hit the wires.

It is expected that it will be easier and cheaper for Canadians to conduct mobile searches on the Internet from their mobile phones as Roger’s Communications is set to roll out new mobile broadband packages to support the “slew of new data-heavy mobile devices” that Roger’s is set to release, reports the National Post.

Of course, one of these “new data-heavy mobile devices” is the latest model of Apple’s 3G iPhone, that Apple CEO, Steve Jobs, unveiled to the world on June 10th. “The new, thinner phone will go on sale in 22 countries on July 11 and run on third-generation, or 3G, wireless networks that deliver Internet content at least two times faster than the prior model,” according to Mr. Jobs, who publicly unveiled the new iPhone for the first time at the Apple’s developer conference held in San Francisco. Roger’s has secured Canadian rights to the new iPhone when it is released in Canada, the United States and around the world on July 11th.

The ability of consumers to easily conduct mobile searches online from their handheld devices will be greatly enhanced with the next-generation iPhone, and companies – from small businesses to the largest multinationals – are taking note and preparing themselves for what is predicted to be a new wave of customers increasinbly using mobile search and local search to locate the products and services they are looking for. These developments only highlight the importance of online marketing to a company’s bottom-line as Apple, RIM, Nokia and their competitors roll out new products to tap consumer demand for mobile search capabilities.

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