Blog contests are an effective tool for internet marketing.

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Blog contests are an effective tool for internet marketing. Well-organized blog contest can make a big difference in your blog traffic and readership. The success of your blog contest depends on how well you conduct it. Focusing on five important factors can help you make your blog contest a success.

The promotion

Whether it is a blog contest or a television contest, good promotion is essential for its success. You can not expect your contest to be a success just by announcing the contest rules and prizes in a blog post. You need to promote it on the blog and out side as well. Following the initial announcement of the contest, you can post regular entries about its progress. Social media networks like Facebook and Twitter can be effectively used to promote your blog contest.

The goal

Every contest is organized with a goal in mind. The goal can be anything, like charity or fun. This goal should be communicated to the readers. Most readers would not enter a contest if they are unaware of the motive behind the contest.

The theme

Contest theme is the most important aspect of your blog contest. You should select a theme that would interest your readers. For instance, if your blog is about cookery, a contest on easiest recipe for yummy chocolate cake will be well received.

The prizes

Great prizes can attract more contestants. Currently gadgets like iPads and smartphones are popular prizes. Innovative prizes can make a big difference in the number of people joining the contest.

The rules

There can’t be a contest without any rules. As a blog owner and contest organizer, it is your duty to ensure that the rules are clear to all the contest participants.

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