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Link building is one of the most time consuming but essential elements of SEO. You need to ensure that you get the most from the time spent on link building efforts. Here are some techniques that can not only help you get backlinks, but also help you widen your network and gain traffic.

Create Squidoo lenses

Creating Squidoo lenses can help you get much more than just backlinks. It can also be a source of traffic for your website and a potential revenue stream. If you are new to Squidoo, you may find it time consuming. But it has an easy to use interface, which won’t take long to master. But you need to remember that for best results you need to employ a number of link building techniques, not relay on a single source. So Squidoo lenses should be one of your link-building tactics not the only one.

Comment on relevant blogs

Commenting on relevant blogs offering followed links is one more effective method of getting backlinks. You should avoid commenting on blogs and forums solely to get links. Becoming a valuable community member will not only get you natural links, but also increase your website traffic.

Write guest posts

Guest posts are one more way of getting some links. There are a number of sites that actively recruit guest writers. If you offer a good article, you will most likely be invited again.

Other than these, you can get people to naturally link to your site by writing content which is useful, controversial or funny. In short, the content has to be interesting. Keep in mind that link building is a tool for effective internet marketing, not the ultimate goal.

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