Baby Boomers Are Online. Deal With It Or Lose Out.

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Baby Boomer Shopping Online
Baby Boomers are among the fastest growing online population. If this particular demographic happens to fall into your target market and you are not yet pursuing them online, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. Of course, if you are ignoring online marketing and engagement opportunities for the baby boomer demographic, you are not alone; too many companies letting the 50+ market slip through their fingers.

I believe that the main reason industries across the board are putting their foray into the online world on hold is that there are just too many perceived unknowns. There are so many questions surrounding the Baby Boomer generation in general, and their online activities in particular, that companies are afraid of screwing up and wasting their marketing dollars or irritating their favourite customer base.

The first step to an effective marketing strategy is realising that the 50 + market is definitely online. Much research and many statistics will back up this statement. This includes a presence on video and social media sites. In fact, there are even social media sites that cater solely to Baby Boomers.

Once you understand that Baby Boomers are pretty much everywhere online, you must then overcome some common misconceptions and stereotypes that are attached to the 50 + market. Click on the link below foe a very interesting video that touches upon the top 10 common misconceptions about the Baby Boomer generation.

Top Ten Baby Boomer Myths

Once you acknowledge your 50+ market’s online presence and online needs, you may then begin strategizing with your preferred Search Engine Marketing Company to invent a solid and profitable plan to capture and engage this customer base.

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