AdWords Express Makes Local Online Advertising Easy

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Google Adwords Express LogoGoogle released AdWords Express, a simplified version of original AdWords, last week with the objective of making it easier for local businesses to set up and manage internet advertising campaigns. True to its intent, AdWords Express is very easy to use and ideal for local businesses lacking internet marketing experience. Even if your business does not have a physical office, you can use the service. You don’t even need a website. You just need a mailing address, which can be kept private on request. Businesses that don’t have an official site can direct their ad clicks to their Google Places page. Creating a Places page is free and easy.

AdWords Express ads are displayed on the right side of appropriate search result pages and Google Maps with a red pin. The cost will depend on the number of clicks generated by your ad. Unlike the original AdWords, which had many factors that had to be monitored and updated, PPC management for AdWords Express is simple. You need not do anything other than monitor your results once the campaign has been setup.

AdWords Express has been designed exclusively for local businesses targeting local clients. The service is not going to work well for businesses trying to attract customers from outside a local area, like bed and breakfast places, B2B internet start-ups and record labels. But it is ideal for businesses catering to clientele in the same city, like doctors, day spas, insurance brokers and coffee shops. Google has a great offer for businesses that set up an AdWords Express account prior to the end of August. These businesses can advertise free of cost up to $100. This is a great opportunity to test the service and find out if it is suitable for your business.

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