Using PPC Advertising for Your Local Business

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Using PPC advertising for your local business can give a boost to your internet marketing efforts, provided you apply it the right way. With the kind of options you have, you can set your pay-per-click advertisement in such a way to promote your business on the internet to attract your local audiences. To target local customers using PPC, you need to keep in mind the following tips.


Firstly, be sure that your PPC ad is visible in your geographical location by using appropriate keywords. One way to achieve this is to use the area name – depending on how far your services are provided, in your keywords. Secondly, ensure that the ad copy or content emphasizes your company’s geographical location.


Then, schedule your advertisement as per your local time settings so that it is displayed when your potential local customers are most likely to see it. This is especially important when your call to action in the ad is something like “Call Now” or ‘Visit Us Today’, so that a prospect can be encouraged to take the desired action immediately after seeing the ad.


Also, be sure to set your PPC ad’s geo targeting appropriately, so that only those who fall within your service area can see the ad. You can also restrict your ad to a limited audience with the help of the negative keyword feature, and ensure that your ad is rightly displayed only when your keywords are used. You can also use web analytics to figure out where most traffic is being generated from, and reset your geo targeting accordingly, thereby increasing traffic and reducing your internet marketing costs.

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