New Account Registration Vs Social Sign-On

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It is common knowledge that internet users don’t like to create new accounts on different sites all the time. But e-retailers are not usually aware that the registration requirements on their sites can cost them a lot of business.

Blue Research carried out a survey for Janrain on US online buyer’s primary reaction to online account registration requirements. According to the results of this survey, only 25 percent users were ok with completing the registration. More than half of the survey participants said that they may leave the site and not return, 17 percent said they would go to a different site and 4 percent said they would leave or avoid the site. Even the information given by users who do register may not be useful for e-retailers. Three out of four people who register said that they entered incomplete or false information.

An effective solution, which will get e-retailers detailed customer information without asking customers to register, is by using social sign-on. The same survey also reported, 66 percent online buyers think that websites should offer social sign-on. Consumers prefer social sign-on over both, use of guest account and new account creation.

Use of social sign-on is convenient for both consumers and e-retailers. It provides e-retailers access to much richer and accurate customer information compared to registrations. Also, the information once entered during registration process is not updated, but social profiles tend to be frequently updated providing e-retailers fresh information. Your internet marketing efforts may be getting wasted if requirement for separate registration is affecting your conversion rates – it’s time you gave it a thought.

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