How to Get New Content Indexed – 5 Tips

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When you search Google for a keyword term, keep in mind that you are not searching the web. You are searching Google’s content index of the web. That is why it is so important to make sure your new web pages are being indexed by Google.

The best way to get your new content indexed is to allow Google to find your content through links on other sites. This gives you time to build a few links to your website with the proper anchor text so that by the time Google discovers the links, you have already built up some link popularity (volume of links). Engines find links to your site through links on other sites, which shows that YOUR site is important

Its like going to a party and having one real estate agent walking up to every guest and handing out their business card or having a guest point out a second agent that they have worked with and did a great job. Because one agent was referred (linked to you) to you, he will automatically seem more legitimate.

In addition, over 90% of submissions through the “Add URL” feature are spam. By adding your site through “Add URL”, you are lumped in with the spammers and now have to prove to Google that you are a legitimate business. Keep in mind that we are talking about Google now. You can add your website to smaller search engines and directories without any issues.

Here are 5 additional tips on getting your content indexed.

  • Create an XML sitemap
  • Include a link to a site map on every page
  • Have more than 1 link pointing to every page on the site
  • “Tree” structure to your site with links going back and forth between main and sub areas.
  • Which pages are spidered the most – add links to your new pages there and monitor closely.

This past week, we looked at a website with a large database of products. The prospective client couldn’t figure out why they weren’t getting more traffic. As it turned out, almost two thousand products were not being indexed for a few reasons.

If you are having issues getting your content indexed, give us a call, we would be glad to help out.

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