5 Tips on Developing Web Site Content

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On Monday, I talked about tips for writing engaging content. Today, I am going to give you different ideas on how to generate web site content on a consistent basis.

Here are 5 types of web site content that you can blog about, set up podcasts for iTunes, film videos for Youtube or develop presentations for Slideshare.

Solve a problem – A couple of weeks ago, I searched Google for, “How to put air in road bike tire”. To my disbelief, I found a 5 minute video that explained that my old pump had the wrong valve for a road bike. I bookmarked the web site immediately.

“How to” Tutorials – We often produce “how to” tutorials for clients on a regular basis. Whether they want to add an image to a WordPress blog or feed their blog into Twitter or Facebook. I am sure you are doing the same for your clients or business. You can post your “how to’s” on your blog.

Check lists – I have never seen a checklist I didn’t like. People read checklists for 2 reasons, to confirm what they already know and to discover what they don’t already know.

Case studies – Crucial to any business, case studies are living proof that your products or services work and that your customers are happy with your performance.

Detailed FAQs – Building detailed FAQ pages, not only provides your customers with interesting content and it allows prospects who are phone averse to get a feel for your business in a different way.

How do you know what problems your future clients are trying to solve?

Set up a Google Alert for your product or service – Get blog posts, articles, press releases, web content about your industry delivered to your in-box.

Review Google Adwords keyword tool – Type in you industry keywords and discover which variations of the keywords are being searched for.

Use Wordtracker for behavioral research. Type in a root word like “problem” or “solve” and Wordtracker will show you a plethora of ideas of what solutions people are actually looking for.

Get a free Trackur account – to monitor social media conversations about your keywords or brand name.

Download Tweetdeck – to keep tack of Twitter to see what people are saying about your competitors and their products.

I hope this blog post gave you a few  ideas  you can use for adding web site content in a variety of ways. If you need more guidance or insight into the strategies  mentioned, feel free to give us a call.



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