4 Tips to Make Your Sales Process More Efficient

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Conversion rate is the bottom-line for ecommerce websites. Along with an effective web traffic marketing campaign, you also need to ensure that your purchase cycle is frictionless and efficient. Finding out where exactly you are losing customers in the sales process and removing these roadblocks can ensure smooth transactions and boost sales. Here are some tips to make your sales process more efficient.

Ensure that the search box is easy to find

There are a number of websites, where you need to search for the search box. Make sure that your website is not one of these. The search box should be large enough to be easily visible, but not too large. It should be so placed that it’s impossible to miss it.

Offer filtered navigation

Filtered navigation is especially important, if your website offers a number of products. It can enhance your website usability considerably. There are many internet users, who prefer using navigation menus, rather than your search box. Filtered navigation ensures that such visitors are able to find desired products easily.

Match your landing pages and promotional messages

It is important that your landing pages offer visitors exactly what they expect based on your banner ads, paid search ads and email campaigns. It’s best to make use of the similar imagery, headline, pricing and offer.

Speed up your web pages

Page load speed is one of the determining factors for website usability and customer satisfaction. In a Forrester survey, 79% participants said that the possibility of repeat purchase from a website with slow loading pages was less, 75% were less likely to return to such a site and 40% said that they would move away from a site that didn’t load within 3 seconds. These figures should be enough to convince you to speed up your web pages.

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