4 Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

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Social Media IconsSocial media is a great platform for web traffic marketing. Majority of companies are including it in their overall marketing mix. While it seems to give great results for some companies, it is not so productive for others. There are many common mistakes that can result in failure of a social media marketing campaign.

Launching multiple social media services at once

Many companies make the mistake of launching many social services at once, which they are unable to maintain efficiently. It’s best to focus on a single service and making it a success. Only after firmly establishing yourself on one site, you may consider launching other services.

Underestimating the amount of time and effort required for social media marketing

This is one of the commonest mistakes. You can’t just launch a Facebook fan page and a Twitter account, and expect to reap the benefits of social media marketing. Successful marketing on social media requires investment of time and efforts on a daily basis.

Not integrating social media activities with the overall company activities

Social media can offer many benefits, but you can’t make it work as a stand alone activity. Mention of social media services on your business website and other marketing collateral is essential for the success of your campaign. Social efforts support other company activities and vise versa.

Unrealistic expectations

Social media is not a magical solution to provide miraculous results within a short period. Unrealistic expectations result in disappointment and loss of enthusiasm over social media. Ensure that you set realistic goals for your social media marketing campaign.

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