3 Tools for a Better Keyword List

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Most search marketers love tools. Search engine optimization involves many tedious and time consuming tasks and tools make some of these easier. Not just SEO specialists, even beginners in field need a few simple tools to start off. Keyword research is a basic part of SEO. An effective and well organized keyword list is essential for successful SEO. Here are 3 popular tools to improve your keyword list.

Google AdWords Keyword tool

You can organize keyword data in many useful ways with the help of Google AdWords Keyword tool. It enables you to select a site, enter a root keyword or select a category to get the desired keyword data. You can further filter the list based on location, match type, loose or tight keyword groupings and much more. Although there is a possibility of slight inaccuracies, it is a great tool, especially as a starting point.

Xenu Link Sleuth

If your competitor’s site is well optimized, it may be a good idea to take a look at it. Xenu Link Sleuth is a free tool which will help you crawl any site. This data can then be exported to a spreadsheet. Screaming Frog is another tool with similar functionality. This data can be a great help in improving information architecture at your site.

SpyFu Keyword Groupie

This tool enables you to take a look at the top 100, 500 or 1000 keywords used on a competing site. You can have them organized by a root word. The tool can be a bit slow as it is not just applying a filter, but going through a database.

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