3 Things to Test on Your Product Pages

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To optimize your website for maximum conversions, you need to continuously test your web pages. Product page testing is an important part of this. The list of things to be tested on a product page is a long one. Here are a few product page testing ideas to get you started.

Product reviews

According to several studies, displaying product reviews on your product page can increase conversions by as much as 30%. So if your product has enough reviews, make use of them to boost your sales. If your product is new, you may not have many reviews. In this case, you will have to wait until you collect enough number of reviews before displaying them on the product page.

Product descriptions

Effective descriptions can increase your conversions significantly. Many website owners make use of descriptions offered by product manufacturers. These descriptions usually stress product attributes rather than its benefits for the customers. As a result they may not give desired result.

Also, competing websites selling products from the same manufacturer may end up with similar descriptions on their sites. Preparing a custom copy of product descriptions and testing them against manufacturer provided descriptions will help in optimizing product pages.

Product availability

Ensure that your product page provides information on its availability. An effective way of displaying this information is to inform customers about limited stock and encourage them to make an immediate purchase. Linking your ecommerce website to an inventory system will help ensure that your website provides up-to-date information about product availability.

Last, but not the least, taking the help of a SEO company can prove to be invaluable in optimizing your product pages.

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