3 Reasons to Test PPC Landing Pages

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PPC Campaign TargetIt is not uncommon for marketers to push PPC landing page testing down their ‘to do’ list and give more importance to home page and checkout testing. Testing of checkout, category pages and home page is important, but so is testing of PPC landing pages. Here are three reasons why landing page testing is an important part of PPC management.

You can optimize for the medium and the most popular landing pages

When internet users click on your PPC ads, they directly land on your offer or product pages. As they haven’t had a look at your home page or any other page, they are unfamiliar with your offerings. Testing will help you optimize your landing pages for such traffic. Also, it may be a good idea to optimize for the highest performing product pages. This will help you drive more number of visitors to the checkout.

Helps you identify pages with high cost and low conversion

PPC landing pages with high cost and low conversion can make a considerable dent in your profits. Especially if they correspond to keywords with high cost per click, high search volume, high click through and heavy competition, the cost can be huge, with hardly any returns. Testing will help you identify such pages.

It is possible to test desired number of PPC landing pages concurrently

Continuously testing all aspects of your website is recommended. But multivariate and A/B testing platform limitations normally allow you to test only 1 thing at a time. But PPC landing page do not need special tracking code. This allows you to concurrently test any number of pages.

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