What 2011 Has in Store for PPC

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As far as PPC advertising is concerned, some of the trends observed in the later half of 2010 will gain momentum and will grow further in the new year. Here are some of the most likely changes in the world of PPC in year 2011.

Better keyword research tools

Keyword management is one of the most time consuming and cumbersome tasks in internet marketing. This year you will come across many new and useful tools to help you in this task. PPC involves a number of tasks like testing ad creative or landing pages etc, which are important for conversion optimization other than keyword management. These new tools will help you cut down the time spent in keyword management.

Growth of Facebook PPC

In 2010, Facebook emerged as one of the most powerful advertising platforms. Facebook advertising is giving real competition to search engine advertising. With its already huge number of users, and with the number growing further, Facebook is fast becoming the favorite PPC platform for advertisers. In 2011, Facebook will mature further in terms of functionality as well as PPC marketing effectiveness on the site.

Further development of display advertising

Google’s display advertising platform has not yet reached its maximum potential. The efforts put in for developing this sleeping giant in the form of enhancements to interaction between marketers and the display network are likely to pay off in 2011. The efforts have led to formation of a strong foundation on which Google’s Display network can grow further. Advertisers can expect better and easier targeting and retargeting as well as higher returns from their display ad campaigns.

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